The Guntur Recreation Club was formed on 07.04.1951 i.e. , on the Telugu New years day. An application of the Club affiliating the same with the then Madras Cricket Association has been sent. The Madras Cricket Association rejected the application of the Club on the plea that their membership already exceeded hundred. The Committee of the Guntur Recreation Club felt it very badly and wanted to find ways and means for forming a separate Cricket Association for the Andhra Andhra area.

The Committee of Guntur Recreation Club authorized the then Joint Secretary of the club Sri S. Venunadha Rao to proceed further in the matter. On 07.05.1951 a letter was written to Sri C.K.Nayudu to his Indore address for his views about the formation of a separate Cricket Association for Andhere area. C.K. Nayudu agreed with the proposal and promptly sent his reply on 15.05.1951 with instructions to contact the leading clubs, institutions and cricket lovers of the Andhra area for eliciting their views on the subject. The response for the circular was very good and in favor of a separate Cricket Association for Andhra.

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